DePaw Dog Sports is hosting our first UKI trial on August 26-27!

Final confirmation doc is HERE, please read!

Worker signup here!

Saturday's courses are available!

Sunday's courses are available!

Pre-entries are closed!  Any entries I don't already have will be at the day-of-show price of $18 per run.

Massage:  Tracy Dulock will be at the trial on Saturday and Sunday offering trigger point massage therapy for dogs and humans! Be sure you have your vet release form filled out if she hasn’t worked on your dog before. 
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Massage sign-up

New to UKI?  Need to know what it's all about? Check out the Quick Start Guide by clicking HERE. This document has info on levels, scoring, and a description of the classes.

In brief, UKI offers:

  • Training in the ring opportunities (Not For Competition) in every run. You may use a toy. You will declare NFC at the start line to the judge and scribe. Easy!
  • Classes for baby dogs: Nursery Agility does not have a teeter or weaves, and is open to dogs 15 months and older. Dogs 15 months and older entered in Nursery also may enter Speedstakes, which will only have jumps and tunnels in it. Dogs entered in Nursery Agility may not enter any class other than Speedstakes.
  • Classes for the top dogs and handlers or for those wanting a challenge: Masters Series is a class that contains international-level challenges. It is similar to USDAA's Masters Challenge Biathlon classes. It's open to all levels of dogs 18 months and older. In addition, dogs who already have titles in the standard class in other organizations DO NOT have to start in beginner - see transfer level info for which level your dog can enter.
  • Day of show entries. They are an additional $4 per run over the pre-entry per run price of $14.
  • Mulligans. For $5, you may try a course again if you already entered the class and ran it. It is a training opportunity, not another chance at a Q. These are not offered in the games classes (Gamblers and Snooker).
  • A Select jump height option for those wishing to jump their dogs at a lower height, without spreads, and with a 5'3" A-Frame.
  • Beginner and Novice run the same course. Refusals are not faulted at the Beginner level. 
  • Senior and Champion run the same course (a different one than Beginner/Novice).

Want to get an entry form for this trial?  Click HERE!

If you are interested in doing a day of show entry, PLEASE register online ahead of time and get your Handler and Dog ID numbers. If you can fill out the entry form and bring that with you, too, that's even better! But not mandatory - if you want to run, just come on out and we can help you figure it all out if you still need help!

Click here for a PDF with info on how to register for UKI trials and fill out the entry form.

Click here to register with UKI